Easter Program 2019

I just love it when the clocks go forward in the Spring time, though I don’t love losing an hour’s sleep! However I do enjoy getting up in daylight and, as the evenings get longer, going for walks along the sea front. Life just seems so much better in the light than in the dark of winter.
We all love to feel the warm of the sun on us, to have a relaxed drink with friends and enjoy a good meal, fun and laughter together. Life seems so much better lived in the light.
A life lived in the light is always so much better and that is what Easter is really all about. Easter is about the generosity of God, in that he brings his life–changing light into our personal darkness. God wants us to walk in his light, as opposed to stumbling round in the darkness of our own lives.
God wants to come with the loving warmth of his Son, to come and walk with us, to laugh and have fun with us. It is recorded in the Bible that Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.
This Easter there is lots of light to walk in.
The generosity of God: Bringing light into darkness.
  • Good Friday:  9:00am – noon, Salvington Road.
    The church will be open for quiet reflection, to give time and space to see how God can come and bring his light into our lives.
  • Easter Sunday Sunrise Service:  6:00am, Seafront by Grand Avenue.
    A great way to start Easter Day, a short time to celebrate and worship.
  • Family Breakfast:  9:00am, Salvington Road.
    A time for us as a family to meet and eat.
  • Morning Celebration: 10.00am, Salvington Road.
    Come and join us as we celebrate living in God’s life-changing light and love.
  • Evening Worship:  6:30am, Salvington Road.
    A time of worship and giving thanks for all that God has done for us.
Please come and join us as we celebrate living in God’s life-changing light and love.
For more information please ring the Church Office on 01903 262313.