New Church Building Fundraising

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Thank you so much for choosing to partner with us, and for coming to our donations page for our new church building.

There has been a vision for a new church building for New Life Church from the end of the 1970’s, where even then the congregation found that our current church buildings were not suitable for modern ministry and that we needed more space to grow.

Over the years the church have been very proactive, with the purchase of land almost opposite our church building to build a church hall, which was completed in 1965 and called the Jubilee Hall. Then in 1992 the opportunity came up to buy the bungalow next-door to the Jubilee Hall, and so the church brought the bungalow and turned it into an administration centre for the ministers and staff members.

However the need for and the desire to have new premises that were not spread out over three buildings and two sites, became stronger and stronger for the church. So, after another attempt to build on the Jubilee hall site was turned down, the church started to pray again about having a new building.

This time God led the church to buy an acre of land next to the Tesco Extra in West Durrington, where a 1,000 new homes were going to be built. This seemed like a great mission opportunity so, after much prayer, a step of faith was taken to buy the land for £500,000. At the same time the church decided to relocate the Church manse onto the new estates, and purchased a house in 2016.

And so you have now caught up with our story. We are now seeking God for provision to start to build our new home which has been called ‘The barn for the harvest’ as that is what the vision for a new building is all about, that there would be somewhere for people to come and worship and be discipled once they have become Christ followers.

So we are so blessed and encouraged by your donation towards our new building. Please be assured that every penny will go towards the new building and that as a church we are praying that God will fill the building with people, from the day we open the doors of the new church for the very first time.

Thank you once again

Love in Jesus