Alan and Megan Barker

Alan and Megan Barker are currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal (since August 2021) to develop a wider itinerant role for capacity strengthening of BMS partner organisations. As part of this they (especially Alan) give particular input to HDCS, a locally based partner. They joined BMS in 2000. Their initial overseas placement was with United Mission to Nepal (2000-2004) in Kathmandu where Alan worked in management and Megan as an occupational therapist. They returned to Nepal in 2007 to work with International Nepal Fellowship (INF), initially in Surkhet where Alan worked in management and donor relations, training local staff and Megan developed rehabilitation services, expanding the work beyond leprosy to include other disabilities, working alongside and training Nepalese therapists. Remaining with INF, they moved to Pokhara in 2017 where Alan supported the partnership and communications team and Megan worked in the Occupational Therapy Department and also advised on rehabilitation issues across all INF programmes.”


New Life supports Alan and Megan with other Baptist Churches in Worthing.

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